Renko Chart Day Trading Training Videos 2020

Renko Chart Day Trading

Renko Chart Training Videos 2020

The Renko chart day trading training videos for 2020, like those of 2019, will focus on the trading of the British Pound futures contract as it is the most frequently traded.  Additionally, the Renko trading method is being used for the Oil futures contract, along with the Emini Dow and Emini Russel index futures contracts.

Here is a Renko day trading video chart that was taken from a training video [click to watch video] for the British Pound.

Renko Chart Day Trading Training Video British Pound

Renko Chart Markings

You can see the Renko trading indicators on the chart along with a series of marking that were made during the video, in order to discuss the following Renko method trade components:

  • Yellow circles are trades – the specific Renko setup is reviewed
  • Blue squares are profits that were taken – if no profits the stop-loss exits were discussed
  • Gray lines are price lines – used for support and resistance along with trade filtering
    • The Renko videos will also discuss trade filtering for trading against price momentum and especially for avoiding trading inside of price consolidation
  • Blue lines are chart and/or price patterns – on this chart, a price momentum divergence low was marked
    • Along with our ‘base’ Renko day trade setups, there are some pattern setups that provide high odds trades added to the Renko method
Renko Chart Day Trade Videos

Below are links for the 2020 Renko training videos.

The Renko chart brick size for the British Pound and the Emini Russell remain 3 bricks – but I have changed the brick size for the Emini Dow to a 6 Renko.

Note:  You will need real-time tick data for making Renko charts. is what I use as a data source service and it especially works well with NinjaTrader charts.

Renko Chart Training Videos 2020

Learn more about these futures contracts and their individual specifications [note that these are not Forex pairs] by going to the CME website:

CME Currency Futures
CME Index Futures
CME Energy Futures

New To Trading Renko Chart Trading

If you are new to Renko chart day trading, then you will want to begin by setting up Renko charts and adding your trading indicators.  You can learn how to do this by watching the following video:

Renko Day Trading Chart Setup

After you have your new charts and indicators, continue by watching the following Renko method training videos:

Learning The Renko Chart Trading Method

These videos will discuss the ‘base’ Renko chart trade setups, trade management, and the trade filters that will be used for avoiding Renko day trades with lower odds.



  1. Hi Barry,
    I note you use Ninjatrader as your trading app. I use MT4 with a stable renko generator using offline charts. Can your system be used on MT4 with equivalent MT4 renko trading indicators? If so what would they be please?
    Thanks you in advance Barry. Excellent work here I have to say!

    • Hi Mark, I am not really familiar with MT4 but have never coded indicators for that program. Since these are not basic indicators, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which ones to use. Barry

  2. Hi, I’ve just found your website after carrying out some back testing of my own using a Renko strategy- I really like the content and I’m really interested to know more – how do I access the training videos?
    Regards Pete

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