Renko Method Day Trading Training Videos 2016

Renko Method Day Trading Training 2016

The Renko day trading training videos on this page are from 2016, but they are consistent with how the trading method is traded today.

Note that these training videos include when Gold Renko chart trading and Oil Renko chart trading were added to the Renko method training:

  • Trade both of these contracts with a 3 brick Renko chart
  • Use a 4 brick initial partial and 4 brick stop for trade management
    • Some of these videos may discuss trading Oil with a 3 brick stop, but I have changed this to 4 bricks to make the trade management consistent with our other Renko chart trading contracts
Renko Day Trading Training 2017

Renko Method Day Trading Training Videos

Renko Method Trading Video171:

  • Gold Renko chart trading – the first time in 20+ years of trading that I have ever day traded gold, and thus the first renko method training video that has been done for it
  • Why gold — actually this was the idea of another trader in the group – but if this ‘fits’ our method, I like it from the standpoint of it being a higher point value contract, which could be compared to oil for the ‘best chart’ trading
  •  I have started [actually began with some trades last Friday] with a 4 brick initial partial-4 brick stop – I do want to see if this can be traded 4 brick partial-3 brick stop like oil
    • NOTE:  Gold renko trading and oil renko trading are both being traded with a 4 brick partial and stop
  • Transition into consolidation between a double top and left-right price support – although the consolidation breakout trade was missed, 4 losing trades inside of consolidation were avoided AND there was a profitable first continuation trade that was only 2 bricks lower

Renko Day Trading Training Video171

Renko Method Trading Video172:

  • Gold Renko trading update – price discussion = price1 overnight high double top, price2 overnight low double bottom, as a tick break test-reject
  • Trade1 comes after overnight higher high, so the previous high shifts to support – price envelope reverse has 3 bricks of room to price and that is followed by trade2, which is a price failure break-midline reject combination, with mex flow and extreme hook
  • Discussion of Renko trade addbacks = addon setup after a partial has been taken to build back trading size, and continue to partial without exiting an open trade – I especially like these trades when they are price-indicator combinations
  • Question:  is there another trading price that should have been on the chart – discussion of the price action that after double top high had price envelope reverse sell and then resumption to the higher highs, making that retract low before the high a trading price for our method

Renko Method Training Video172

Renko Method Trading Video173:

  • Gold Renko trading – continuation from previous video chart, especially to discuss price filtering AND what differences may have occurred in trading if price had actually been 1 brick lower than the actual price
  • Relevant trading prices are typically selected based on (a) overnight-daily highs and lows (b) double bottoms and double tops (c) high before a lower low-low before a higher high (d) price action price – for instance consider a triple bottom breakout down shifting to resistance on retest — NOTE that (c) (d) were part of the trading on the previous video
  • Since Renko trading prices are relevant they should expect testing-retesting as support or resistance BUT these prices do remain relevant if the test misses by a break or breaks by a break, besides hitting at the brick high-low
  • This concept was the basis for considering a relevant price that was actually a brick lower — renko method training discussion of trading differences filtering for the actual price and filtering for a price that was a brick lower

Renko Method Training Video173

Renko Method Trading Video174:

  • Gold Renko trading – discussion of trading late afternoon after the session break
  • 3 trading prices on the chart of which 2 were easy (a) day session high (b) double bottom retrace after the high – but the third would never have been seen without going back far enough left to the last time gold was in that area
  • Addition of trading price from after session trading high and how it affected trading, which included multiple filtered trades of which there were more losses avoided than winners missed — additional discussion of the trades that were filtered, and again there were more losses avoided than winners missed
  • Discussion of renko method training strategy for first continuation trade setups after a filtered initial trade

Renko Method Training Video174

Renko Method Trading Video175:

  • Gold Renko trading – primary focus is discussion on the price extreme reverse Renko method trade
  • Price extreme reverse – price movement extreme and picking tops-bottoms –vs- momentum extreme and how this tends to lead to a retrace if not tradeable reverse
  • Price extreme reverse and Renko trade management benefits – the price extreme reverse will give a profit giveback of 2 bricks –vs- the full brick close above the midline and/or price envelope reverse, which can give 3-4-5 bricks of giveback
  • Price extreme reverse-price swing resumption, where reverse back out of the trade IF not filtered for price or momentum — a trade discussed in the video actually had a filtered price extreme reverse where the trade was held, followed by a profitable price swing resumption addback

Renko Method Training Video175

Renko Method Trading Video176:

  • (1) Gold Renko trading – renko method training discussion of trading late afternoon [early evening] after the session break AND why not trade the last trade setup before this, if you are going to continue to trade
  • Discussion of adjusting prices after session breaks, when the left side price will now go through the ‘middle’ of a brick instead of at the brick high-low
  • Discussion of transition into consolidation and multiple trades filtered by consolidation and/or price — followed by a ‘textbook’ consolidation breakout = double bottom-double top consolidation, followed by a shift of the midline to support [instead of breaking through it] with mex flow AND a triple top breakout
  • Discussion of a price extreme reverse-price swing resumption renko trade setup combination, regardless of a midline reject and then a M triple break – BUT any of the resumption trades would be against mex and thus have a momentum filter

Renko Method Training Video176

Renko Method Trading Video177:

  • Gold Renko 3 trading – discussion of 2 trades that occurred before I started trading, based on a resistance reject-price envelope reverse sell followed by a price envelope reverse buy that was filtered by the resistance price
  • After the filtered buy, there was a first continuation trade that was a price-indicator combination = price break2-midline reject with hook and mex flow
  • Renko method training for trading price addition-adjustment – after going to higher highs that high is added as resistance, but the previous resistance price is still relevant and shifts to support – additionally the retrace-resumption price [there is a double hold after the first resistance reject-price envelope reverse] is added as next support
  • Discussion of price extreme reverse sell-price envelope reverse addon management and ‘potential’ addback setups after the first partial – although there are price filtered addbacks there are 2 filtered price extreme reverses that enable the hold of the short, which is eventually followed by a profitable addback

Renko Method Training Video177

Renko Method Trading Video178:

  • Renko price action trading discussion and what ‘drew’ me to the oil chart for trading – and then the further decision to trade late afternoon after the session break (a) price had made a new low-then broke out to lower lows (b) the breakout price was retested as resistance and rejected
  • Sell the price envelope reverse resumption of the down move
  • Discussion of adding new trading prices as price made lower lows and the range expanded – the previously marked prices remained relevant to the chart
  • Trade exit and go flat –vs- taking the next trade, as a function of approaching the time to the session break – and like we discussed with gold, not holding and open trade for the hour before the market opened back up again

Renko Method Training Video178

Renko Method Trading Video179:

  • Gold renko trading afternoon and then after the session break early evening – besides wanting to discuss this ‘dual’ trading period, the chart gives a very good discussion of trade setup filtering
  • Trade setup filters for price and/or momentum (a) do not enter a trade without at least 3 bricks of room to a trading price support-resistance (b) do not enter a trade against mex or an addon without mex flow = mex continues in the direction of the trade when there is a retrace before the setup entry
  • The afternoon before the session break-and then after session break = 11 price or momentum trade setup filters – all of which were avoided losing trades
  • Renko trade setup –vs- bigger pattern – the trading period after the session break was a sideways move inside of a triangle that wasn’t initially seen as consolidation — filtering for price and/or momentum avoided trading AND what was a triangle breakout with building mex flow down, became a large multi-partial breakout sell trade

Renko Method Training Video179

Renko Method Trading Video180:

  • Oil renko trading afternoon-then after the session break AND the price action trading that took me to the chart – not simply a price envelope reverse buy BUT a double bottom at left-right support reject and then a price envelope reverse, with 5 bricks of room to resistance
  • Renko method training price action price discussion and the significance of the daily high breakout to higher highs AND how the previous resistance become support, but then fails to hold – filtering a price extreme reverse-price swing resumption, where a sell is held + an addon for an expanded profit
  • Expanded profit expansion trading through diagonal breakout potential, and then trailing for a price extreme reverse including a breakout of support –vs- taking a profit at support when it hits
  • Discussion of a trade that was entered at 3:52ct with a 4:00 session close – typically I would want more time, but the trade setup was a triple break with rising higher lows [wedge breakout] that had breakout potential through the previous diagonal of 6 bricks to resistance — again note the full price action potential setup

Renko Method Training Video180

Renko Method Trading Video181:

  • Oil renko trading – after session break trading AND discussion of bar chart trade setup, based on the ‘selective’ trade setup components involved
  • No renko trades setups from session break through 11:30pm, let alone through 7-8pm AND that is going to happen sometimes [SUCKS] – discussion of method trading from 11:30pm-2:30am = 3 profitable trades and shows a trading period that would be good for European traders
  • Discussion of bar chart setup AND note my comment that because of the diagonal breakout that price was moving through – that I would hold the buy, regardless that there may have been a renko sell — this trade got a 28 tick partial –vs- the renko 12 tick base partial
  • Renko method training for a ‘selective’ setup –vs- ‘basic’ method setup includes additional setup components that adds to the odds and price movement – (a) left-right price failure break (b) with mex flow and building ttm (c) through the previous swing diagonal to resistance (d) that has 31 ticks of diagonal potential

Renko Method Training Video181

Renko Method Trading Video182:

  • Gold renko chart trading afternoon-then after the session break AND the following 2 questions (a) if you were flat or even trading a different contract, do you see anything ‘selective’ that would take you to this chart (b) are there any setups to trade after the session break through 7-8 ct OR around 12ct and 6am in Europe — follow through discussion from previous video
  • Renko method training for selecting the best chart – not only is there no reason to switch to the gold chart for trading, there really isn’t a good method setup during the period shown
  • This is a function of price location and then a move into consolidation, and there is no trading after the session break as there is no room to trade inside of price
  • When discussing the period after midnight [CT] the first move is a consolidation breakout that is a breakout only = no trade, followed by a first continuation sell-price envelope reverse buy – note how this became tradeable after the range breakout-range widened
  • Renko trade 3 was the best trade – a price envelope reverse after a low breakout against higher volatility, leading to a partial and then resistance breakout that could be trailed for a price envelope reverse –vs- move to next resistance [management discussion based on trading 3 contracts or trading 2 contracts] — further note how the break into the range that started the video with again had no room to trade in either direction

Renko Method Training Video182

Renko Method Trading Video183:

  • Oil Renko trading – renko method training discussion of trading that would be done after midnight-6am in Europe
  • AND a discussion and chart review back and forth – of trading the oil renko chart with the oil bar chart
  • Especially noting that we have no ‘rule’ whatsoever that renko trades must synch with bar chart trades
  • BUT in the case of extended diagonal breakout potential, which can facilitate ease of price movement – continuing to manage a renko trade with the bar chart, regardless that there may be a renko reverse, can expand the size of trading profits over what would be ‘base’ renko trade management profits

Renko Method Training Video183



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