Renko Position Trading Training Videos

Renko Position Trading Training

Renko Position Trading Video18:

  • Renko XBI position trading update and although haven’t updated for awhile I have been doing the position trading, without having much effect by volatility to holding the position overnight – this is a function of the ‘dual’ method of trading options counter to a long-short underlying
  • Further discussion of market and XBI volatility causing some more frequent position adjustments and/or trade reverses, including the potential impact from overnight gaps
    • Going through the XBI chart and pointing out areas that were tradeable before-after the day session OR that were gaps – the worse gap was 4 bricks against a trade [gap up when short] but this was profit giveback -vs- trade loss AND there was also a synthetic long [long call-short put] that actually had more positive delta than the short position had negative delta
  • XBI short option ‘income trading’ and market volatility effect on short april 100c 1.20|82 put 1.49 and short may 98c 2.05|78 put 2.02
    • We can see that market implied volatility increased when selling the may options -vs- the april options but regardless, the short strikes + premium shorted were never ‘approached’, with a high of 91.90 and a low of 82.36 AND the position was typically covered when approached the price extremes
  • XBI short 85.89 +84.30-83.08 partials X long synthetic = +84c [weekly] .90 -78 put [may] -2.02 – this trade is the equivalent of -100 short delta X + 210 long delta
    • When there is a gap up and an 85.03 exit to the xbi short, the giveback is -1.40 for 1 unit BUT there is a +1.40 gain for 2.10 long units to cover this AND a great example of the benefit of our position trading strategies
    • The short option paid for the long option, which ended up being profitable itself, keeping the short as an income trade – but at the same time it was a protection [hedge] that could also become net long once the short was exited

Renko Chart XBI Biotech Position Trading

Renko Position Trading Video17:

  • Renko XBI position trade review from the reverse of short to long, including a short put-long call synthetic that became the initial long after going flat the short XBI
    • This was then followed by a series of XBI position trades (a) Renko pattern trade -vs- indicator trade (b) Renko midline reject-fast momentum hook addon (c) 60-minute chart addon2 after a break-reject of resistance as support
  • The XBI traded to resistance2 and broke and rejected, but no addon to what was a clear momentum extreme, followed by a 60-minute chart price momentum divergence AND then this was followed by another position transition – this time from long to short
    • XBI 60-minute price momentum divergence profit taking reduces the trading size, which is followed by a price envelope reverse put buy [a previous short call is open] – making the position delta short with the chart reverse, but actually while trailing an XBI long
    • The price envelope reverse is followed by a support reject as resistance [again see the clear transition from long to short], giving (a) midline reject-price reject initial short (b) midline reject-fast momentum hook addon1 (c) midline reject-fast momentum hook addon2
  • XBI support2 breaks and continues down to a price extreme reverse, where (a) profits are taken (b) protection to the shorts are setup – buying a call [currently trailing a short put]
    • There is a Renko buy after a price envelope reverse short exit BUT the trade is filtered for resistance – making the open position a long call X long put
  • XBI 60-minute chart sell resumption is a bear wedge breakout setup, followed by a lower high falling trendline reject with mex flow addon – are these also Renko trade setups
    • When looking at the Renko chart for ‘base’ trade setups the synch with the 60-minute chart there aren’t any – however, a further look shows clear triangle breakout setups as pattern trades

Renko Chart XBI Biotech Position Trading

Renko Position Trading Video16:

  • Renko XBI position trading update – the previous video discusses going flat a long XBI + long call position on a combination of a resistance reject-price envelope reverse and options expiration
    • The open XBI trading position was a short mar 97c and a long feb23 90 put – but no longs and the last price move was a break back above resistance
  • The XBI new swing high rejects as a double top and an apr 100 call was sold – discussion of next price resistance and trading the 100 call instead of a 98 call for the additional premium, along with a decision of adding this strike location because of the open mar 97 short call
    • Price went into a lower high-higher low compression triangle after the resistance reject and the next XBI position trade was a short triangle break that included a midline reject and mex flow – this trade was stopped out on a break above the upper triangle trendline and the feb23 put expired worthless with no partial
  • Renko midline reject-mex flow and fast momentum hook sell AND mex flow-fast momentum hook sell addon, but there is no midline reject – discussion of an M W pattern trade that although has no midline reject, the pattern has a double top-triple break with momentum to give the trade [setup] continuation
  • Renko price envelope reverse buy and no trade – Renko price envelope reverse buy and go long — what is the difference that the 2nd price envelope reverse is traded?
    • Consider the following:  left side support double bottom after a price momentum divergence, followed by a wedge pattern break and price envelope reverse – it’s not the price envelope reverse that is being traded but the described price action + pattern break

Renko Chart XBI Biotech Position Trading

Renko Position Trading Video15:

  • Renko XBI position trading starting from the end of the previous video = synthetic options short [-mar 97c +feb 90p] + Renko XBI addon short -89.05 + 60-minute addon short -88.20
    • Continued discussion of a key component of our position trading method and the transition from a directional protected [hedged] trade that becomes a directional reverse after going flat the previous direction – because the hedge becomes the open trade, which occurs regardless of having an actual setup to reverse
  • Renko position trade management as we approach-break out through the 2-6 lows and go to lower lows on 2-9 – which has given multiple partial profits AND again an options synthetic [hedge] against the trailing shorts – after ‘buried’ mex at the maximum extreme
    • Again we get a transition, this time from short to long when the short XBI position is taken flat – are there also any Renko trade setups that give an XBI buy?
  • Discussion of multiple possible Renko trade setups, including the initial price envelope reverse, along with midline rejects
    • None of the midline rejects had mex flow-fast momentum hook or even were preceded by a price envelope reverse
    • Even though the initial price envelope reverse had a previous swing diagonal of 6 Renko 35 bricks back to resistance [and I could do a trade like this as a discretionary decision because of the continuation potential] — HOW could you do the trade after the weakness we had seen?
  • Although there was no Renko buy to add to the option synthetic long, there was a 60-minute buy setup that was traded – on the Renko chart it only looked like a price envelope reverse, but after including the 60-minute chart we see a rising wedge breakout that included a triple top breakout of current resistance in the area

Renko Chart XBI Biotech Position Trading

Renko Position Trading Video14:

  • Review of recent volatility and what was discussed as being a primary cause of the initial sell-off, which was the XIV inverted volatility ETN which lost over 80% of its value and was actually discontinued – also note that the XIV, unlike the VXX, had no options that could be traded with it
    • The XIV was apparent leverage added to large stock positions that were paired with it and when margin calls came in and they were unwound, we got the market reaction
    • NOTE that the VXX went up over 100% [or a 50% profit] and our position at the time was long an option synthetic along with the VXX underlying
  • Renko chart position trading discussion for the VXX and XBI related to recent volatility and continuing to position trade – especially considering whether a Renko chart could still be used -vs- position trading with the 60-minute chart
    • If a Renko chart can be used the brick count will have to be increased to account for numerous price envelope reverses – using momentum indicators and setups in such wide ranges are going to give reverses on ‘meaningless’ retraces
    • The VXX Renko chart was by far the worst as the impact on volatility further impacted movement than the net change seen on the market indexes – the Renko chart essentially became a day trading chart and of no use for position trading
  • Discussing the decision to discontinue VXX Renko trading at the present time but continuing with XBI Renko trading, switching to a 35 Renko brick chart instead of the 25 brick and also using the 60-minute chart that was also used along with it
  • XBI position trading update, beginning with the first trade [buy +89.44] after the 2-6 lows AND the transition into the short that was the open position into the 2-9 lower lows
    • XBI price momentum divergence partial profit 91.51 and sell option synthetic = buy feb 90 put .75-sell mar 97c -1.20
    • XBI long exit 90.80 on a consolidation breakout = equivalent short position from the option trade
    • Renko midline reject with mex flow-fast momentum hook addon sell = -89.05
    • 60-minute XBI position addon -88.20

Renko Chart VXX Volatility And XBI Biotech Position Trading

Renko Position Trading Video13:

  • Renko VXX volatility position trading update – there has been very little done since the previous video besides continuing to trail a short VXX-short VXX covered position — discussion of buying back short puts at a loss that can uncover the position and allow for additional partial profits OR another put sell at a lower price and still remain covered
    • Further discussion of allowing uncovered short ITM puts expire -vs- short ITM calls expire – the short puts will be ‘bought-in’ as a long position, which will be a long when the position should be short or flat
    • Short uncovered calls that expire in the money will not become a short when the position should be long or flat, it will instead just be a position loss
  • VXX short position transition to long (a) sell feb 25p buy feb 25c (b) hold short VXX below resistance price (c) reverse VXX short to long on a failure break of resistance, followed by an addon
    • The VXX price moved to the next resistance price and there was another transition trade [again NOTE in the video how VXX trades were done in ‘stages’ -vs- at the same time] (a) price extreme reverse VXX and VXX call partials – VXX put buy and VXX OTM call sell (b) price envelope reverse and another set of VXX partials, along with the VXX long call exited (c) resistance price reject with mex flow and a fast momentum hook AND the VXX was back short again, followed by a short addon
  • This next VXX transition from long to short was the followed by a reverse back into buy, which was ahead of Friday’s large sell-off (a) VXX sell price extreme reverse and VXX short and long put partial profits, along with a VXX call buy (b) VXX reverse on a price envelope reverse that is actually a midline reject with mex flow + a continuation addon
  • Discussion of the VXX position profits on the move up to 2 resistance prices and price extreme reverses – size was reduced but there was never a price envelope reverse or long position exit on what was over a 10% move up

Renko Chart Position Trading VXX Volatility

Renko Position Trading Video12:

  • At the end of the previous Renko XBI position trading video, we were long +88c [short 80p] +89c +XBI – AND had just had a price extreme reverse after a large breakout buy swing to new highs
    • Partial profits on all longs take the open size in units [1 option or 100 XBI] to +2 88c +2 89c +2 XBI = 6 longs
    • There is an open short 92c = 6 units – 3 units = 3 units net long
    • Trading issues when selling options that go into the money – in this case for a position that was really no more than selling covered calls against a long underlying
  • This trading size becomes very important because the breakout has taken the short calls deep into the money and it is the net size that determines (a) whether the position is covered (b) whether there is any addition size that can be used for more profit taking
  • The previous video also discussed a long put [synthetic hedge when added to the short call] that was bought on the price extreme reverse and the feeling of ‘jumping the gun’ on doing this trade after such a strong breakout move – the buy swing resumed and after 2 bricks the put was closed at a small loss, with the intentions of replacing it after the move would become more extreme and/or weaken
  • Another discussion of the issue with the in the money short calls AND a price extreme reverse sell, where going flat the XBI would be the equivalent of going short -vs- reducing size to +3 long X -3 synthetic short and holding a hedged position where the long profit giveback was being covered by the gains from the hedge
    • This situation from selling options that go into the money will always be an issue with position trading, along with the decisions involved with exiting at a loss OR holding a covered but capped position [meaning that the position profit is at a maximum]
    • In this case, I have made the decision to hold a capped [covered] position for the time being -vs- exiting a deep in the money option that also had a lot of time premium left – the buy swing did eventually resume, giving buy setups and additional trading size to use for additional gains

Renko Chart Position Trading XBI Biotech ETF

Renko Position Trading Video11:

  • Review of open Renko XBI position trade swing from a triangle breakout buy + price failure breakout addon – NOTE the reasoning behind exiting a long 86c on Friday before expiration because of the weekend option theta + Monday also being a holiday
  • This Renko XBI trading video begins with a price extreme reverse-then full brick close below midline-then price envelope reverse – discussion of partials and then going flat with these retrace bricks AND further discussion of going short on the price envelope reverse [like when day trading] -vs- being short from an options synthetic [unlike when day trading] that was done on the price extreme reverse
  • Renko XBI sell to price support and a reject-price extreme reverse AND into consolidation – discussion of a put option profit and call buy AND further discussion of the decisions related to a put sell for a synthetic buy, including what strikes and months — and then nothing else done inside of consolidation for the XBI, but holding a long X short option synthetic
  • Renko XBI consolidation followed by a failure breakout XBI buy that is added to the synthetic long – further trade management discusses the (a) exit of the long put (b) why the trade entry was and XBI + long call entry (c) decisions on what to do after an ‘explosive’ upside breakout and not ‘overreacting’ to a counter brick that is only a .25 retrace -vs- the 16 brick move up

Renko Chart Position Trading XBI Biotech ETF

Renko Position Trading Video10:

  • After trailing a long XBI position to a momentum extreme and resistance at the yearly high, there is a price envelope reverse – the XBI trading position has been reduced in size from partial profits AND the remainder was protected [hedged] at the momentum-price extreme
    • Although there is no short done at the price envelope reverse, by having a synthetic option short and going flat the long XBI at the price envelope reverse – the XBI position is now short from the option trade
  • Short XBI synthetic moves to support and bounces to price envelope reverse, but do nothing – the move to support wasn’t a big enough move for an option [long put] profit AND the price envelope reverse was against mex flow
    • The downswing moved back to support and gave a failure break setup = XBI short, which is essentially an addon to the option synthetic
  • And now a move to next support, where size is reduced [partial profits] with a discussion about doing an XBI option buy +call – put AND why I decided to do the call buy only
  • Support hold-reject with a price envelope reverse and why that was done as an XBI buy = midline reject with mex flow and a hook reverse -vs- price envelope reverse only – management and additional trade entry discussions on the way to a higher high, including…
    • Price envelope reverse when long call and long XBI initial + addon – and not making all trade [exit] decisions at the same time when not doing a trade reverse
    • First resistance triangle breakout re-entry and why this also included the exit of a short jan 87c
    • Next resistance failure breakout setup that breaks the XBI high

Renko Chart Position Trading XBI Biotech ETF

Renko Position Trading Video9:

  • Previous XBI Renko position trading video showed a flat XBI position, but with a short options strangle jan 87c -1.77 X jan 75p -1.45 – NOTE how (a) we got the strangle premium by ‘legging’ into the position and price-momentum extremes (b) the benefit of a short strangle for increasing breakeven of the individual call or put, because 1 side will always be profitable
  • Although the XBI traded along support as a ‘centerline’, by adding trendlines we see that we were actually inside of a triangle – the XBI position went back long with a price failure break-triangle breakout combination — NOTE that since we did not have a long call from a short XBI ‘protection trade’, I entered the position with an underlying + option combination
  • Discussion of Renko XBI price action prices and they affected the position trading as support-resistance prices (a) hold long position with a price envelope reverse 2 bricks from the price action price, which did reject and continue the move back up (b) continue to hold the long XBI position for another price envelope reverse for a support area comprised of a left side double top + a right side double top
  • Discussion of Renko XBI position management, starting with a full underlying + options position and reducing size with price movement to price-momentum extremes – the position finally tested the 52 weeks high with a mex cross and the position size went from 6 ‘units’ to 1 ‘unit’, with a long put-short call protection [hedge] trade also done
    • NOTE – the jan 75 put -1.45 was closed at .06 – although this option is over 13 points out of the money, there just isn’t risk-reward to holding short option that can only make another $6 per option

Renko Chart Position Trading XBI Biotech ETF

Renko Position Trading Video8:

  • XBI long position and transition from long to short without actually selling the XBI – +XBI X short call-long put and then exit the long XBI, making you now short via the options that have gone from protection [hedge] to an XBI synthetic short
    • Consider the following options-position delta – long 200 XBI after a partial profit = +200 delta X 3 synthetic short that includes an out of the money short call = -244 delta – so the position is actually net short, even while long the XBI and becomes -244 delta when the trailing longs are flat
  • NOTE how the long short occurred as a synthetic sell followed by a price envelope reverse sell that was used for an exit instead of an entry, which would have actually been an XBI addon sell to the options trade on consecutive bricks – since the exit was a sell of a long position, it’s not as if the price envelope reverse[s] are not being used for trading
    • The price envelope reverse is followed by 2 midline rejects with mex flow and a fast momentum hook that do become short add-ons AND the position is short all the way down to left side Renko price support
  • The short XBI becomes long similarly to how the long XBI became short – partial profits reduce the position on the way to support and with the reject of support, where a synthetic long [+XBI call X -XBI put] protection [hedge] becomes a long only when the short XBI is exited
  • The XBI position trading video ends with a discussion of how the long XBI becomes a short position is then exited, with no addition trade setup after going flat – leaving the XBI position a short option strangle [income] = jan 87c -1.77 X short jan 75p -1.45, with the XBI at 81.82

Renko Chart Position Trading XBI Biotech ETF

Renko Position Trading Video7:

  • Discussing the XBI ETF and its suitability for our position trading method, including directionally trading the XBI long and short along with counter trading options for income and/or position hedging
    • The Renko biotech position trading chart shows far more movement and price volatility than the SPY
    • For instance, there are only 9 SPY days for the whole year that have more than a 1% net change, compared to the XBI that has 62 days with a 1.5% or greater net change
  • Additionally, the XBI spent more time above and below its fifty-day moving average, making it more tradeable for Renko position trading in both direction
    • As a result of the bigger percentage net changes and price movement in both directions, the XBI options have a higher relative market implied volatility, allowing for option selling further out of the money
  • Renko XBI position swing1 = sell 87c 1.77 when price is at 83.00, giving 2.77 room above 86.00 resistance
    • A put was also bought, giving a synthetic option short to hedge an open XBI long position – the Renko biotech position became net short on the next completed brick when the long was exited on a Renko price envelope reverse
  • Renko XBI position swing2 = position profit taking after an 8 brick price extreme reverse, but no options were traded because there was still MEx flow down -vs- a momentum extreme
    • The short position was then exited on a midline reject with MEx flow-fast momentum hook and resistance break, and then a long position was entered on a 2nd midline reject with MEx flow and a fast momentum hook

Renko Biotech Position Trading For The XBI ETF

Renko Position Trading Video6:

  • VXX option short becomes a short position after the trailing longs are closed and to that position, there was a midline reject trade setup that became a Renko VXX short – BUT what about the next 4 brick midline reject with mex flow and a fast momentum hook?
  • This is a 4 brick midline reject pattern but technically not a reject because the retrace brick starts above the midline – however, look at the pattern of the retrace brick lower high + mex flow-fast momentum hook + the break2 of the initial midline reject entry
    • We have talked about ‘double’ midline reject patterns [Renko day trading videos] that have momentum flow and hooks as setups that I would use for a 2nd addon AND in this case, I used the pattern for what was my first addon
  • Discussion of trade management and partial profits as the VXX hits-breaks support1 and moves 2 a double bottom test of support2, which is also the VXX low
    • VXX double bottom followed by a price envelope reverse, but there is nothing to do because it is filtered by prior support1 that has shifted to resistance
    • Double test-hold of resistance with a rising trendline for higher low bottoms – when there is a price envelope reverse sell this is a bear wedge breakout pattern and is used for another Renko short addon
  • Discussion of short options at expiration and exercise risk, especially for puts where short ITM puts will be exercised into long VXX shares – if you have a covered position you will become flat, but if you have more short puts than you have short VXX then you will actually become long

Renko Chart VXX Position Trading Training Video

Renko Position Trading Video5:

  • The previous Renko VXX trading video discussed the transition from going short to long (a) profitable short position hedged by long call-short put (b) price envelope reverse that included price reject + mex flow + fast momentum hook was a buy reversal
    • Also discussed was management of the open VXX options trade = short call X long put and how the call had no partials or exit AND why the put was not exited at the same time when the position went from short to long
    • Including talking about the difference between hedging a profitable trade that is also protection -vs- entering a trade with a hedge
  • NOTE that in cases that didn’t include this combination of reversal components that there wouldn’t be a VXX reverse trade but instead a VXX exit – but in this case, the position would still have reversed, because the options position would now be directional instead of a hedge
  • Discussion of the long VXX partials and a ‘large’ spike move to resistance, as was clearly seen on the 60-minute chart – this reject was used to buy a put-sell a call [long VXX protection-hedge] AND how even though there was a long VXX + synthetic long being trailed, the hedge actual gave negative delta to the total position
  • This time, when there was a price envelope reverse, the trailing long VXX position was exited instead used as a short – although there was nothing wrong with doing this short from a resistance reject-momentum extreme, I decided to just go flat [and be short via the options trade, instead of doing the equivalent of an addon] because of the size-speed of the move up

Renko Chart VXX Position Trading Training Video

Renko Position Trading Video4:

  • Renko position trading review and discussion of options trading (a) options synthetic trade as a counter trade to an open VXX trade as protection [hedge] (b) after a price and/or momentum extreme that could become a directional trade after an open VXX trade was closed (c) options delta and comparing the delta of an option trade to that of a VXX trade
  • Renko short VXX and short option synthetic trade moves to a price extreme reverse, where partial profits are taken BUT is this a time where the price extreme reverse can actually be traded and become a reverse from short to long – discussion that includes that I didn’t reverse, with some reasons why I could have
  • Very clear 60 minute-bar chart price momentum divergence that only shows up as a couple of red bricks on the Renko 25 brick chart – discussion of whether we should actually be trading a fast Renko position chart to see more bricks and patterns — again, the 60-minute bar chart is very useful for this purpose
  • Besides the partial profit at the price extreme reverse, there is also a long VXX option synthetic trade done, again as protection [hedge] for the trailing shorts – with further discussion of the issues with selling short puts when volatility is this low
  • The price extreme reverse is followed by a price envelope reverse and the VXX is now long, which becomes an addon the option buy – discussion of the partial profits that are taken (a) test of resistance during the extended hour trading period, which means that no option profit can be taken (b) continuation to price extreme reverse and VXX + option partial AND no, there isn’t a consideration of actually trading the price extreme reverse sell

Renko Chart VXX Position Trading Training Video

Renko Position Trading Video3:

  • The Renko price extreme reverse trade setup does not have the same ‘appropriateness’ for position trading as day trading AND it will not be a ‘base’ setup for position trading – there are other uses for this setup through partial profit taking and option trading-hedging
  • AND there could be times to trade the price extreme reverse (a) if it is also a price reject of support or resistance (b) but not against mex flow (c) and maybe if there is a price momentum divergence
  • Renko 25 brick position trading chart and discussion of patterns like we can use so effectively for day trading – with this brick count it will often be hard to see any of these patterns — for instance, we looked at a 60-minute bar chart price momentum divergence and could only see 2 down bricks on the Renko chart – which also shows another use for the 60-minute chart with the Renko chart
  • Discussion of Renko position trading -vs- Renko day trading and a 4 brick ‘base’ partial – like the price extreme reverse trade, a 4 brick partial does not seem to ‘fit’ the concept of position trading — for instance, a Renko oil day trade partial of 4 bricks is $120, where a Renko VXX position trade partial of 4 bricks would be $100
    • Using price lines and diagonal breakout potential for profit targets, along with mex extreme – I discussed the first partial profit that was taken, which was to reduce trade size on November expiration and a Friday

Renko Chart VXX Position Trading Training Video

Renko Position Trading Video2:

  • Comparing the Renko and bar chart at the time of the first trade and deciding to do a synthetic short options trade, against what would have been a long position
  • Then a Renko midline reject sell setup and what would typically be an addon trade was done as a VXX short – BUT what if this addon setup didn’t occur and the initial sell wasn’t traded?
    • You would be short the VXX via an options synthetic sell after the open long was closed – this is a key component of our position trading method, where an options trade can hedge an open trade and then become a direction trade
  • Discussion of trade management and differences between Renko position trading and Renko day trading, where it doesn’t seem consistent to use the 4 brick day trade profit for position trading
  • Discussion of the price extreme reverse Renko method trade setup used in day trading and whether it is appropriate to be used for position trading
    • Possibly for an options trade and for a VXX trade profit BUT it would need some further setup components than trading the first counter brick after a 5+ brick move, for instance, I certainly wouldn’t want to use this as a trade entry against mex flow or in the ‘middle’ of a swing diagonal with a price target

Renko Chart Position Trading Training Video

Renko Position Trading Video1:

  • Renko chart position trading for the VXX volatility futures introduction
  • Renko position chart layout discussion for TradeStation and for NinjaTrader, along with differences between the charts for each of the platforms
  • Discussion of why position trade with Renko charts instead of the 60-minute bar chart as we have been doing – including chart clarity and lack of ‘noise’. along with further ease of seeing the trade setups
  • Differences between the Renko day trading method and Renko position trading and changes that need to be considered, especially for price identification and the price extreme reverse trade setup
    • There are big differences and implications when position trading a 25 brick chart and day trading a 3-4 brick chart
    • Understand that if there is a brick that moves 24 ticks and then reverses and completes in the opposition direction, then a price 24 ticks higher than the last completed brick will not show on the chart

Renko Chart Position Trading Training Video



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