Renko Trading Basics

Renko Chart Day Trading Strategies And Method Training

Welcome To Renko Chart Trading Strategies

This Renko chart day trading strategies and training overview first compare Renko brick charts to tick bar charts. Then discussed are the benefits of trading Renko charts, including why I have found our Renko trading strategies and method both clearer to trade, as well as to teach to other traders.


There are also 4 Renko day trading strategies basics videos. These videos discuss the day trading indicators, Renko method day trade setups, and the trade setup filters that are used to avoid trades with lower odds for price continuation in the direction of the trade.

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Renko Chart Trading Price Significance
Renko Trading Method

Renko Trading Prices Strategies And Chart Significance

Renko trading prices strategies and chart identification. We will discuss Renko price significance as we move across a chart, along with determining price relevance for continuing the use of left side trading prices -vs- changing them to new prices that have become more significant.

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Renko Trading Strategy

Renko Price Trading Strategies And Chart Trade Setups

Discussion of Renko price trading strategies and how price affects our trading method. Renko chart prices can be trade setup filters, but they can also be used in trade setups for the failure of support or resistance, along with the breakout of trend lines and price patterns.

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