Renko Chart Trading Method

Renko Chart Method Trading
Renko Trading Method

Renko Chart Trading Method Basics And Strategies

The Renko chart trading method trades with price continuation and momentum breakout strategies used since 1995. However, there was a transition from tick bar charts to Renko charts.


The method made this change because the price bricks in Renko charts are made from price movement and do not include times frames or trade volume. Using Renko charts and focusing on price movement has given additional clarity to the trade setups and trading strategies that make up the Renko trading method.

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  • What Is A Renko Chart

    What Is A Renko Chart

    A Renko chart is a type of chart that plots pre-determined fixed movements of price as Renko bricks. This is in contrast to other charts that plot price bars per time frame or as tick counts. As a result, the Renko charts tend to filter out the ‘noise’ from other chart types, and remove the more irregular and random bars that can become harder to trade. [Read More]
  • Day Trading Renko Charts Instead Of Tick Bar Charts

    Day Trading Renko Charts Instead Of Tick Bar Charts

    After many years of day trading tick bar charts, the decision to switch to day trading Renko charts was based on the clarity of the Renko bricks fixed price moves -vs- the irregular and random size of tick bars. Additionally, besides the Renko charts method being simpler to trade than tick bar charts, it has also been clearer to teach other traders. [Read More]
  • Renko Method Trading Indicators

    Renko Method Trading Indicators

    The Renko chart trading method uses 3 different indicators for identifying trade setups. The Renko trading indicators are all based on chart reading for momentum and the concept that momentum continuation leads price movement. [Read More]
  • Renko Chart Trading Method Setups

    Renko Chart Trading Method Setups

    The Renko chart trading method has 3 trade setups [3 trades are marked by the yellow circles]: (1) price envelope reverse, where chart direction reverses from sell to buy (2) midline reject addon, where the buy trade momentum continues (3) price extreme reverse, where a momentum extreme leads to a price reverse. [Read More]
  • Renko Trade Setup Filters

    Renko Trade Setup Filters

    The Renko chart trading method uses trade setup filters that keep a trade from being taken. The Renko method had 4 trade filters – the trades filtered on this chart [marked by the blue circles], are done so because there isn’t 3 bricks of room to price support or price resistance. [Read More]

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